Namwon city- the city of love namwon

As a community center for culture and information, we usher in the 21st century by providing programs to promote citizens’ emotional development and the desired knowledge and information in a user-oriented open cultural space.

  • Address: 54, Gwanghanbuk-ro, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Tel : ☎ 063-620-8978


  • 1F: Reference room, reference room for the disabled, office, toilet, information desk
  • 2F: reference room for children and adolescent, infants’ room, toilet, information desk

Overview of Collections

Overview of Collections
Div. Types Philosophy Religion Social science Natural science Techno-science Arts Language Literature History Total
Total 1,712 2,993 1,546 8,803 3,085 3,654 2,315 1,500 20,336 5,426 51,370
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