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Support for Multicultural Families

Korean Class: March – December / 2 classes a week (every Wednesday and Friday)
  • 1st Level (basic), 2nd Level (beginner 1 and 2), 3rd level (intermediate 1), 4th Level (intermediate2), Special Class (TOPIK Class)
Comprehensive education on multicultural families and understanding about multicultural society
  • General family education, understanding spouses, parenting class, children’s education, parents-in-law education, understanding of multicultural society, adaptation to Korean society, law and human rights education, understanding of marriage and family, family communication education, family relationship improvement education
Family counseling
  • Marriage immigrants, parents of husband, spouse counseling – professional adviser
Self-help gathering for multicultural families
  • Self-help gatherings by nation (multicultural performers, fusion food, Nanta), interpreters’ gathering, couple gatherings by nation
Social services by multicultural family
  • Help families and children in need, the elderly, and farming in rural areas
Improve people’s awareness about multicultural society
  • Traditional costume-wearing at multicultural festivals and the Chunhyang Festival, folk performances, traditional tea-tasting and other multi-cultural experience programs
  • multicultural experience programs and class (language, food, way of living, costume, etc.)
Vocational training for marriage immigrants
  • Provide job opportunity by helping marriage immigrants acquire qualifications (clothing reform specialist, tour guide and interpreter)
Door-to-door education program
  • Professional instructors pay a visit to marriage immigrants who can’t participate in center education programs and provide Korean language classes and baby-rearing services (Korean language education, parenting education and children’s counseling, etc.)
Marriage immigrant interpretation/translation service: Vietnam, China and the Philippines
  • Marriage immigrant interpretation/translation service
  • Entry counseling, providing information regarding nationality and stay and businesses
  • Provide living information and counseling, interpretation and translation service when visiting public offices
Language proficiency program for multicultural children
  • Multicultural children under 12 who require language proficiency evaluation and adequate language education
  • Priority Children: Children from family receiving basic living security, single parent, near poverty family and disabled parents
Special class for language gifted
  • Bilingual class to learn the language and culture of the mother’s country
  • The class is provided to preschoolers and primary school students (Japanese, as of now)
Multicultural Family Happy Plus Project
  • Preparation for entering school for prospective students and parents from multicultural backgrounds, education for parents’ participation in school
  • Happy Plus for couples, spouses, parents-children and family
Multicultural Village School
  • For marriage immigrants, spouses, children from multicultural background
  • Contents: management of marriage immigrants in the education blind spot who cannot come to the center
    • ·visiting Korean language schools (group study, 1to1 Korean language class)
    • ·Visiting family life class (parenting education and guidance for children’s life), etc.
University scholarship for marriage immigrants
  • For marriage immigrants who enter university in Jeollabuk-do province
  • Contents: scholarships for marriage immigrants (1 million KRW per person)

City Project to Support Multicultural Families

Visiting Wife’s Country Project
  • For 8 families (4 persons in a family)
  • Support: round-trip flight ticket
  • Application qualification: 3 years living in Namwon-si after marrying a Korean man, a family with kids, accompaniment of husband is required, no visits to wife’s home country in the last 3 years
Marriage Immigrant Heart-Mind Matching
  • For 40 women (20 marriage immigrant women living in Namwon city, 20 women’s groups or associations members)
  • Contents: exploring and experiencing Korean culture, cooking, sharing difficulties, etc.
Multicultural Family Festival
  • Multicultural Family Sports Event, Multicultural Festival (experience booth for each nation in operation)
Visiting Study Program
  • For elementary school 1st to 3rd year and preschoolers from multicultural backgrounds
  • Subjects: choose one among languages (Korean included) and mathematics
Birth and Nursery Products Sharing
  • Citizens of Namwon donated used goods to multicultural families
  • Reception desk: Namwon Multicultural Family Support Center, eup and myeon office, dong community center
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