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Unmanned civil issuer

Unmanned Certificate Issuer

Namwon-si has unmanned certificate issuers installed to help citizens to access the issuance of various certificates conveniently without needing to visit public offices.

  • Namwon City Hall Civil Service Office (off-days: City Hall Night Duty Office) ☎ 063-620-6103, 620-6222
  • Dotong-dong ☎ 063-620-4846 Geumji-myeon ☎ 063-620-3910 Inwol-myeon ☎ 063-620-4067
  • District Court ☎ 063-620-2775
Unmanned Certificate Issuer?
  • A cutting-edge system installed around the city for getting certificates without needing to visit a public office for the convenience of citizens.
Locations and Hours of Operation
Installation location and installation location, time to table for hours (- month work.), contacts are being directed to the order.
Locations Hours of Operation Telephone No.
Namwon City Hall Civil Service Office 24 hours (Mon. – Sun.)
  • City Hall: civil service office ☎ 063-620-6103
  • Night duty office ☎ 063-620-6222
  • Geumji: ☎ 063-620-3910
  • Inwol: ☎ 063-620-4067
  • Dotong: ☎ 063-620-4846
  • District court: ☎ 063-620-2775
Geumji-myeon Community Center 09:00~18:00(weekdays)
Inwol-myeon Community Center 09:00~18:00(weekdays)
Dotong-dong Community Center 09:00~18:00(weekdays)
Namwon District Court Civil Service Office 09:00~18:00(weekdays)
Identity Verification
  • Press your right thumb on the fingerprint window.
  • Fingerprint cannot be recognized due to sweat or moisture; try again after wiping off excess moisture.
  • Press your thumb on the window firmly enough to block leakage of light from the window to prevent recognition failure.
  • Please re-register your fingerprint at the nearby community center if your re-try fails.
  • We promise you the best service through continued effort to improve the functions and performances of the unmanned issuer for citizen convenience.
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