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Local Food

Chueotang, Loach Soup

First Delicacy Chueotang, Loach Soup

Jirisan Mountain has many valleys and the clean waters flowing from there enrich the wide plains to the south of the mountain. The people of Namwon have long fished for loach from dikes or waterways to build up their health by enjoying loach soup. The indigenous loach raised in the clean and fertile soil of Namwon has a small catch, being distributed locally. Be sure to visit one of the 40 loach soup restaurants Namwon. Namwon has the largest number of loach restaurants in Korea compared to the population.

Black Pork

Second Delicacy Black Pork

It was not difficult to see black pigs in a hut of a rural house until the 1970s. They were fed with food leftovers so they grew slowly and to a smaller size but they were such a precious asset to families that they could not be slaughtered unless it was for a big celebration of the family.
However, the social atmosphere that values quantity over quality led to the disappearance of our indigenous black pigs over time. Fortunately, the breed has long been preserved in the eastern mountainous area of Namwon, and black pork dishes are served in some restaurants there. The less fatty black pork has a chewy texture and sweet aroma.

Sanchaebaekban - meal with a bowl of rice, soup and wild herb side dishes

Third Delicacy Sanchaebaekban - meal with a bowl of rice, soup and wild herb side dishes

Sanchaebaekban is a Korean-style meal with a bowl of rice and various wild herb side dishes. Various wild herbs such as pimpinella brachycarpa, water parsley sprout and ligularia fischeri are washed clean for wraps. Aster, scattered ladybell, bracken fern, actinidia arguta sprout, Neungi mushroom, earthstar, and bud of aralia elater are seasoned or fried. Deodeok is seasoned with red pepper paste and grilled. They are served with a bowl of rice, soup and Korean Lettuce Kimchi. Sanchaebaekban is less widely known than loach soup but has wowed gourmets around the country.

Traditional Local Liquor

Fourth Delicacy Traditional Local Liquor

Liquor is a good accompaniment to meals, doubling the taste and atmosphere of the meal. The representative liquors of Namwon include Hwangjini Liquor, Jumong Liquor and Namwon Rice Wine. Most of these are low-proof and made of natural ingredients so that anyone can casually enjoy them without worrying about severe hangovers.

Namwon-Style Traditional Korean Sweets

Fifth Delicacy Namwon-Style Traditional Korean Sweets

Traditional Korean Sweets are made of rice, flour, and nuts along with honey and oil. Namwon-style Korean traditional sweets are puffy and densely-textured. The traditional sweets makers of Namwon take extra care in making the decisive ingredient of the sweets, grain syrup, and make the treats using local specialty products such as herbs and yacon.

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