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Local Products

Namwon Kitchen Knife

First SpecialtyNamwon Kitchen Knife

Namwon kitchen knives must endure 6 phases of tempering and the blade is sharpened manually for high durability. Types of knives are small, medium and large and the handle is made of lily magnolia wood and aspen wood.

  • Shop address: 959-28, Nosong-ro, Songdong-myeon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do, Namwon Kitchen Knife Association
  • Tel: ☎ 063-626-4308
Namwon Rice

Second SpecialtyNamwon Rice

grown with sustainable farming practices in a clean natural environment with Jirisan Mountain and Seomjin River, Namwon rice is of the best quality.


Third SpecialtyMelon

produced in a prime soil quality and cultivation environment, the best quality melon is rich in taste, flavor and sugar content.


Fourth SpecialtyPaprika

Rich in vitamins, iron and nutrients, this well-being vegetable is delicious and of highest quality and is exported overseas including to Japan.


Fifth SpecialtyApple

produced in the highland areas of Jiri Mountain with good water, soil and sunlight, apples are both rich in sugar and juicy. They boast fine quality and taste.


Sixth SpecialtyGrape

Chunhyanggol (Heungbugol) Grapes are ripened in the rich soil of Seomjin River and the clear wind blowing from Jirisan Mountain. This well-being agricultural product of Namwon is rich in flavor and taste.


Seventh SpecialtyStrawberry

Chunhyanggol Namwon Strawberries are organically grown in rich soil and abundant sunlight. This harbinger of spring has long been recognized by consumers for its fine quality.

Namwon Woodenware

Eighth SpecialtyNamwon Woodenware

Namwon woodenware is made of mountain alder and ash, both of which grow widely on Jirisan Mountain. The finely crafted woodenware is remarkable in color, shape and durability, is safe for the human body and its colors last for a long time.

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