Namwon city- the city of love namwon

Yancheong, Jiangsu, China

  • Land Area: 15,075 Km2
  • Population: 7.9 Million
  • Major Industry: textile, light industry, agriculture
    • (Cotton, corn, Rehmannia root)
Development and Date of Sisterhood Ties Establishment
  • Jeollabuk-do Province recommended Jiangsu as a sister city of Namwon. The establishment of the sister ties between the two cities laid a foundation for entering the Chinese market, the world’s biggest market with infinite potential for economic development.
  • Date of Sisterhood Establishment: June 13, 1996
Regional Characteristics
  • Located in the east of Jiangsu
  • Yearly average temperature 13.7 ~ 14.4C
  • Yearly average precipitation: 900~ 1,066mm
  • The world’s only musk conservation area
  • Habitat for 10 species of natural monuments including Japanese cranes and cranes
  • Hometown of Shi Nai’an, The author of Water Margin
Future Directions for Exchanges and Trade Cooperation
  • Promote reciprocal visit to enhance friendly ties and expand exchange – exchange of economic missions and public officials
  • Expand general exchange – in the areas of culture, arts and sports
  • Shared interest – Promote joint venture among the businesses who want overseas expansion
  • Joint tourism industry development, opening up a new market for manufactured goods and agricultural products
Detailed Progress
Detailed Progress
Year Details
May 31, 2007
  • Yancheng Youth Association Visited Namwon
  • Period: May 31- June 2, 2007
  • No. of delegates: 17 persons (14 males and 3 females)
  • Details: Formal Dinner Hosted by Mayor
July 26, 2007
  • Participated in Jiangsu International Youth Exchange Week Event, held in China
  • Period: July 26- August 1, 2007
  • No. of participants: 5 students (3 from Yongseong Middle School and 2 from Namwon Middle School)
  • Details: Sent artwork to exhibition (2 drawings and 3 calligraphy works)
Oct. 30, 2007
  • Deputy Mayor of Yancheng and the Delegation Visited Namwon
  • Period: October 30-31, 2007
  • No. of delegates: 5 persons (including Deputy Mayor Seo Hang Guk)
  • Details: Meeting with Namwon Mayor, welcome ceremony, dinner party, luncheon hosted by the Chairman of Namwon Council, visit to Gwanghalluwon Garden, Jungang Elementary School and Seonam University
January 2011
  • Working-level discussion to promote exchange between Namwon and Yancheng
  • (Signed MOU for Sustainable Exchange)
May 2011
  • Namwon City Council Members visited Yancheng upon invitation
  • Dispatched a public official to Sandong-myeon, Namwon-si (Han Da Yeong/2months)
May 2012
  • District Mayor of Yancheng Jung Ho Guk and his five delegates visited Namwon
  • N/A
  • Public Official Rue Gwang Ju of Yancheng visited Namwon
  • Sister city of Yancheng visited Namwon (including Deputy Mayor)
  • Public officials of Yancheng and 14 visitors were invited to the 85th Chunhyang Festival and the performers of Yancheng visited Myeongdan Middle School
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