Namwon city- the city of love namwon

City Flower : Royal Azalea

Royal Azalea

Symbolizes courtesy, patience, integrity and abundance.
Azalea flowers grow naturally all over the country. The royal azalea colony on Baraebong Peak, Jirisan Mountain is famous (Baraebong Peak, Bonghwasan Mountain, Royal Azalea Festival).
Popular among the general public
Used to express love among couples and to make rice cake and liquor.

City Tree : Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle

Symbolizes glory, reconciliation, reciprocity and virtue.
Planted as an ornamental tree at pavilions, palaces and gardens for their beautiful form, “famous as a beautiful forest”
Tenacious life, the flower blooms for 100 days in the summer (and is known as youth-and-old-age)
The tree grows across the city, planted along Chunhyangro Road and riverside roads.

City Bird : Swallow


Harbinger of spring
The messenger of news from afar, the fastest bird, symbolizes the vision of Namwon to become the one of the top global cities.
Symbolizes the origin of the story of Heungbu.
The hero of the story about a return for a favor, rewarding virtue and punishing vice. → Shows people’s warm hospitality and being a good place to live with sound customs
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